CASL stands for Clean Alternative Sustainable Life. and was started because I believed in one thing. The Sun. I couldn't understand why the sun was not utilized as much. I understood the difficulties with efficiency but still. The size of data we are able to store has been cut in half every 10 years. Yet no advancement in solar. So I set out to make it my mission to create a Clean Alternative Sustainable Life.

It is my belief that societies over the next century will begin to become small, self sustaining organisms with their own food, water and electricity supply. I guess this is my mission.

All the other applications are just my stepping stones on the way. If I could, they would all be non-profit. However, I cant really get that much funding for a non-profit.

I created SupplyME after some friends and I found a need. I live in a small subset community and we started going door to door with a list of food that was needed and then went to the store. I couldn't imagine being elderly and needing something essential and having to deal with not only panic and hysteria, but also a risk of deadly infection... It makes me cry just typing it.... Then I learned about the hospital shortages and shifted my focus.

Also: CASL is the NPO. Angell Enterprises is the umbrella/holding company. I own 33% of Samy, I own 20% of Privalgo, I own 15% of Cattails and the rest; Tabs, Gambit & Driip are 100% mine. That is the reason I created the holding company.

Here is what we have so far.

SupplyME is a web application (Mobile soon) that connects those who NEED supplies with those who HAVE supplies and allows financiers to fund those who NEED supplies. There are 3 users. “Retailers”, “Manufacturers” & “Financiers”. Retailers create requests with items and the quantities. Financiers fund the requests with a total budget. Manufacturers create orders based on the requests. Requests can be funded at any time in the process to allow for speed. Items created by manufacturers and retailers are public so that there are no duplicate items.


Requests are funded through the XRP blockchain. This allows us to create payment channels. What this allows us to do is create a channel and fund it. Then as the order goes through the process, the financier can distribute the funds. Ex. After the product is shipped, the financier can release a portion of the funds.


We do also want to add “suppliers” and allow the manufacturers to request supplies from them. Much like a retailer would a manufacturer.

Finally I would like to connect with Uber/Uber Freight and another 3rd party api to facilitate the shipment process into the application.

The Story of Angell Enterprises started with an idea 7 years ago. Have you heard of dollar shave club? Well we created Dollar Tampon Co. A tampon subscription service for women. We created a business plan, raised 10k, created a website and a short 30 second production video. We had 30 customers within 3 days. All was well except our financials were wrong. The product wasnt being ordered at MOQ levels so we were paying close to double. We decided to waive the white flag due to the financial issues and lack of effort as we both had full time jobs. 2 years later I quit my job in finance and go full time software development. Samy was born. After 6 months of development I started dropping other ideas. Tabs and Gambit were born. As we started adding members to the team, all on equity we started to grow. After 1 year I moved back to California and we launched Samy. We started taking client in but soon realized we had no interest in what we were doing. So we pivoted Samy into a backend application to run our other companies Social Media & Advertising campaigns. As we pivoted I had to make money. So I got a contract with the Government to build a logistics application. After 6 months when that was complete I took another job that ended up turning into Privalgo. An algorithm to price the 365 calendar for homeshares. We now have over 100+ listings and we are branding the application to take on more customers. That was a few months ago, we decided to take a small break as I wanted to focus on solving this supply. chain problem.

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