We were inspired by hearing about a large number of New York upscale restaurants who were wholesaling their ingredients to generate additional revenue amidst the reduced business from social distancing requirements. Many of the ingredients being sold by the restaurants were unique, atypical, and exotic foods that many people would not ordinarily have the opportunity to enjoy at home. We wanted to combine these realizations into a win-win for both the restaurant industry and the citizens doing their part by staying at home, to create a platform for restaurants to post their items and people to discover and buy them.

What it does

It gives restaurants the opportunity to generate additional revenue to support themselves during a time of reduced business by allowing them to post meals for customers to buy and prepare themselves with provided ingredients. This is unique because it is not simply wholesaling of ingredients, or standard takeout food. Instead, Sur+ allows the restaurant to package assemble-it-yourself kits for customers to create the gourmet dishes themselves at home. This one of a kind opportunity for citizens to imagine themselves as fine chefs, and for restaurants to continue their culinary traditions during these uncertain times.

How I built it

We used Flask, a Python web framework, to build this web application. We used Bootstrap to supplement the user interface appearance, and Github for version control.

Challenges I ran into

There were some bugs that we ran into as a team, but fortunately by all working together we were able to bounce our knowledge off of each other to troubleshoot each bump in the road.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of the whole Sur+ team for completing the base platform and standing by our primary vision. We had many bugs and deferments that proved difficult and the whole team stayed positive and determined through it all. I am also proud of our ability to reach beyond our ordinary scope of knowledge to learn new skills and try challenges that we haven’t done before.

What I learned

Through both the web development and business development process, I learned that simple projects like Hack-a-thon’s can be meaningful by putting in hard work and determination. Every bug we encountered or skepticism of our idea we were made aware of have taught us that standing behind our inspiration for Sur+ can carry us through our failures and successes. Not only did we learn that our product has the power to change the world, but we learned that creating such a powerful project can be fun and exciting.

What's next for Sur+

There are many advancements on the horizon for Sur+, near and far. Payment processing and more advanced functionality will be implemented shortly after deployment. In the long term, Sur+ hopes to market its platform in every corner of the United States in order to provide a third stream of income for restaurants all over the nation. We also hope to expand to not only restaurants, but the private chef community, local farms, and specialty food shops.

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bootstrap, flask, github, python, sqlalchemy, sqlite

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