We are a balanced group of young leaders with different careers and skills, being international trade, administration and engineering, we are a Mexican team that seeks to inspire and impact through positive changes, where through development objective 4 "Quality education" we decided to create "Edu Survivor".

Given that we have seen a brutal change in Mexican elementary school being 42.5%. Where 166 countries have closed schools and universities throughout their territory, affecting more than 87% of the world student population, this is 1,520 million due to Covid-19. Similarly, around 63 million teachers in the world cannot work in classrooms either, they are affecting more than 80% of the world's student population.

Several other countries have implemented localized closings that impact millions of additional students. We are concerned about the continuous learning of Mexican children who face this situation that currently affects us in the educational system and the way we are used to, which is why we offer an innovative alternative where children learn and have fun.

Since education is one of the main and great problems of our country, through passion, creativity, science and technology, we want to create a community that wants to generate positive change. For which we want to innovate in education in our country Mexico, make children and youth part of STEM learning in a fun way.

Where we create mysterious boxes for elementary school children with educational materials from countries, a website where they can point out in which country they have finished learning through the 5 continents and an Instagram account with curious data. Impacting the rural and urban areas of our community and then being able to make “Edu Survivor” replicate globally.

What it does

Due to the contingency, we have created mystery boxes for elementary school children to learn in a fun way, we also created two websites and an Instagram account. Across the 5 continents: America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania where each one has their respective countries for the child through a book (biography of important characters, easy recipes, alphabet soup, inventions and their description, customs, traditions, flora, fauna and photos of the place), a souvenir (something small that alludes to the place, Paris = Eiffel Tower), typical sweets, plastic dolls of flora and fauna.

Through our websites they will be able to see “Who we are”, make donations, join the team and they will also be able to interact with one of them with our map and they will be able to see which countries have finished studying and on our Instagram they will find curious data, where will use more to make “Edu Survivor” known All being in accordance with their educational level, where both rural and urban areas will be able to study if a pandemic like the one we are currently experiencing were to study. Each country will last a month, as if they were classes, each month ends they will have a new country to learn.

How we built it


Having 2 web pages that through html we build the page through characters, values, among others, with "css" we gave the appearance to the page and with javascript we allowed to interact with the page. We also rely on design pages on the internet, to obtain a better result. Being the main pages that people can see and interact with as well as the sponsors, it is the image of “Edu Survivor”.

Mysterious boxes:

A box would include:

The box will be delivered every month to the subscribers with a different country (ex. January/United States, February/Spain). One box contains:

  • A book (biography of important people, easy recipes, alphabet soup, inventions and their description, customs, traditions, flora, fauna and photos of the country of the month).
  • A souvenir (something small that alludes to the place, Paris = Eiffel Tower).
  • 5 Typical sweets.
  • Plastic toys of flora and fauna.

The sizes of the box are:

-Height: 20 cm

-Length: 30 cm

-Width: 30 cm

The costs were considered the trial period plan, only here in La Laguna to start:

CASE $ 22.90


FLORA $ 30


BOOK $ 26.10



The books will be sent from CDMX, for which we have an estimated budget that each box would come out at $ 171.4 Mexican peso (MXN) and $ 7.11 in the United States dollar (USD).


We created an Instagram account for since it is a social network that everyone uses, to make ourselves known everywhere and thus make our mysterious boxes known, plus our mission and vision as "Edu Survivor".

But thanks to various foundations such as MAPFRE. USAID.CARSO will show you our business plan to make our dream come true and ensure that we all have a quality education. Everything will be physical, the lessons, activities, etc., and the reason is because not all the kids can have access to internet, tv or radio (electronics devices). Also, if you buy a box we send another to kids that they don’t have the economics resources (we will start with the kids that live at the common San Pedro in La Comarca Lagunera), you have the option not only buy your box, you can make donations on our page to this kids.

Kids still learning on coronavirus time while they are having fun is our main target.

Challenges we ran into

It is our first hackathon and we have never programmed a website, apart from the fact that most of the team are young university students of 2 and 4 semester, which is why we are not very advanced in our respective career, lack of resources as we cannot have communication from the front with investors or the team being able to get together due to the contingency, we are not very familiar with such great competitions, but we are here to learn, showing that together we are strong and where we will put the name of Mexico on high.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of each one of us for participating in this global hackathon to generate a change in society, of being here and now, daring to always give our best version.

We saw the opportunity and we took advantage of it, because we know that young people are the new future, being a balanced team we created "Edu Survivor" where we provide education to all of Mexico, being one of the great problems in our country.

Apart from that regardless of distance, we all gave the best of each of us 110%, where based on our knowledge we were able to develop an innovative solution that could contribute to society and one that will last for a long time and make many children happy.

What we learned

That if you want and you have the intention to generate something you can achieve, there are no excuses, not even distance is an impediment, since despite being separated, we had never felt so close.  We learned that we can contribute more than that we ourselves believed and that teamwork we love because thanks to each of us we understood terms, we understood and learned new things where thanks to the effort of all of us we put together "Edu Survivor" with which we are in love.

Thanks to the grain of sand that each of us has contributed, we were able to find solutions to problems, committing ourselves to what we are passionate about, helping, thanking, inspiring and giving all the good that our hearts have to give. Learning to program in one night, be trial and error, design our logo, edit our video, even the most basic, decide the colors that would bring "Edu Survivor" to life. But the satisfaction of daring to the new, because every day we learn and that is what we want to transmit day by day. Now we know that we may not win this hackathon but we will find a way through sponsors and our community to make children happy starting in our locality and then expanding which is one of our purposes.

“A box that makes the difference”

What's next for Edu Survivor

We have short, medium and long term plans.

Short: Benefit elementary school children in different rural and urban communities in our community.

Medium: That our website, Instagram account and mystery boxes, are growing, are already in all of Mexico, and in different areas globally.

Long: "Edu Survivor" is a global educational system, where children from all over the world can learn through fun, and year after year innovate, have new challenges where the greatest number of people are impacted through education

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