We are inspired by the youth empowerment program called Sustainability Adventure and we think that youth participants can continue to report about stories of change around the world even without travelling abroad!  We think that there are a number of people and organisations that found in the Covid19 crisis an opportunity to implement sustainability-driven ideas that seemed impossible before. They are pioneers, heroes, change-makers who are showing responsibility, creativity and resilience: They act to reduce the impact of the pandemic, dare not to continue business-as-usal and don't forget to respect the planet and its people while doing so.

We want the Youth to get to know today's change-makers who are shaping their future. We want the Youth to be the ones finding out about them, talking about them with their own eyes and voice.

We want to give the Youth the opportunity to acquire the competences:

  • to hunt for these change-makers and critically reflect on how society is reacting to the crisis.
  • to become opinion-builders and influencers thanks to digital and social media

What it does

It gives power to the voices of youth around the world. An invitation to youth to be active and influential in the global conversation of using the pandemic as an opportunity to rethinking travelling, tourism, school education and all the other Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Youth participate in answering the questions like: How can we adopt a travelling mindset in our own neighbourhood, city, region or country? How could local tourism look like to support the tourism industry in the next few years? How can school education and digital schools  integrate rewarding and exciting activities that have a real impact in society?

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

The original program is based on reporters travelling abroad ... now we want to build a new version of the program that does not require travelling, or rather travelling locally, in your own neighbourhood, city, region, country!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Sustainability Adventure

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