We are a team of 5 swiss friends from Fribourg. We are between 24 and 25 years old, graduates and students with different backgrounds as biomedicine, IT, media and economics.  We are very concerned about the current situation of covid-19 and we want to help on our own scale.  This contest is a chance for us to develop our skills and start a solidarity project.

What it does

We developed Swapp, a social app to entertain people during the confinement. The app connect people via videoconference. With its various filters, Swapp connects people that share common interests. The following list is a sample of the criteria already implemented in the app but possibilities are endless: ask for recommendations (movies, songs, books, …), practice a new language, show your talents, have a drink,... . To help people to start interacting, we created ice breaking questions and challenges. Finally, users can switch correspondent at any time.

How we built it

From the problematic “How can we connect isolated people?” we started brainstorming. Idea by idea, step by step, we designed Swapp. We've established a business model and a visual identity. Then, we developed various wireframes and then we started coding with flutter.

Challenges we ran into

Working as team from home was challenging. We are used to sit around a table and brainstorm together. Exchanging ideas and concepts through Zoom was a first. Even though pluridisciplinary is a big plus, sometimes we had different opinions and we had to find a common ground. It was challenge but also an opportunity.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to develop our idea to a prototype that is running, in a very short period of time. We were able to create a promotion video in 2 days. We uploaded all the deliverables as required on time.

What we learned

To bring together skills from very different backgrounds. We also realized that organization is key. When you have 2 days at your disposal you have to be organized and efficient.

What's next for Swapp

For the application development  :

  • Finalize the code during next week
  • Implement all the criteria
  • Create ice breaking questions and challenges

For the communication:

  • Finding funds is our priority for the next days
  • Social media advertising as soon as the app is ready

Try It out



android, firebase, flutter, ios, web

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