We are all passionately concerned by durable development, in particular local Swiss agriculture.

What it does

It coordinates farmers, independents/artists and households to provide income to the first two and produce to the third.

How we built it

We plan to build this website using WebFlow and setting up the forms going to a backend CRM tool called SharpSpring to make it easier to manage inquiries.

Challenges I ran into

The 4 members of our team are first-timers at Hackathon. We spent a lot of time at the beginning trying to understand what was happening, what we were supposed to do and how to use all these new softwares and apps !

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

We became a very good team, complementary in our characters and experiences.

What's next for Swiss Solidarity Agri-Culture

We need support from the Federation to make it live - quickly !

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sharpspring, webflow

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