IVery short time, The Covid19 has put the health care systems around the world in a very challenging position. We are all aware of the fact that, these days, we shoud be responsible to ourselves and  thers, and stay home. At least the ones that have that option, but what about all the health care professionals? With all their knowledge, desire and intention to help every patient, they are not capable of doing so. They are overwhelmed with administrative tasks, which interferes with them actually dealing with the virus and patients who are in need for medical attention. In this chaotic times, some processes can be optimized.

What it does

  • daily questionnaires for real-time symptom tracking of the people in self-isolation (can be filled on any device)
  • administrative menu enables entering new persons into the system and overviewing persons’ information
  • self-evaluation for persons that are not in self-isolation (anonymous estimate of risk in getting covid-19 virus)

How we built it

Symptom Monitor is SIMPLE

  • The process for filling out the questionnaire is simple for all types of devices and types of  administration Symptom Monitor is ADAPTABLE
  • Easy to translate into other languages
  • Easily adjustable critical value thresholds (every question and sypmthom have their importance expressed through numerical a value) and list of symptoms, as the situation develops itself
  • Using the software robot for reporting and escalating procedures (automatism that signals there is a problem) Symptom Monitor is SCALABLE
  • It relies on cloud infrastructure and is capable of handling a large number of requests

Challenges we ran into

healthcare proffesionals are unable to process all the people needing the medical attention or consultation in a very short period of time doctors are busy with administrative tasks, which interferes with them actually dealing with pandemic great number of people is in self-isolation with the goal of preventing the spread of covid 19 people have trouble reaching the healthcare professionals people often don't know how they should react, what they need to do or who they need to call

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to deliver next benefits to our local community and communitie's all around the wordl:  Decreased time needed to identify new active cases  Prevention of the Covid-19 spread  All of the necessary data is collected and processed in a systematic and centralized way  Reducing the pressure on the health care system and its workers, leaving them to dedicate their time to where its actually needed  The first phase of the triage will be automated  Quickly identifying people who have come in contact with the persons who are Covid 19 positive   Timely notifications of the isolated persons and getting them uptaded on all the new and necessary information  Support and encouragement for the isolated persons

What we learned

Think local, do globla!

What's next for Symptom Monitor

Geo-tracking of isolated persons

  • When filling the questionnaire, geo-location is taken to verify person’s location
  • Comparing the taken location with the location entered when a person started self-isolation Advanced data analysis
  • Statistical analyses using different criteria (location, time, region, doctor, symptoms…)
  • Critical value threshold fine tuning, based on Symptom Monitor testing results
  • Social connectivity graph Integration possibilites
  • In order to ease and make the initial data entry process and necessary administration more automated, the solution can be integrated with the national registry of the persons currently in self-isolation

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