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Mapademic came from an idea to know what  is going on throughout the world in terms of COVID-19. We decided to expand this project using AI to not just know what is happening, but predict what will happen.

Mapademic is a project made to help governments manage their resources to help protect their citizens and healthcare workers avoid covid-19.  This project has a map that reports the spread of COVID-19. It can also, using AI, predict where the virus will spread next, to help governments know where to concentrate their resources next. It also contains a chatbot for information on many COVID-19 related topics such as the status of the disease, how to keep safe from it, and what it is.

We built this project using Google Colab for the python coding, marvel for prototyping, and i movie for the pitch

Throughout this project, one of the largest challenges we ran into was finding a place to procure accurate data from. another large challenge was making the pitch video.

The achievement we are most proud of is this project's live map. It was very challenging to make and took us a long time .

In the future, we hope to improve the application by improving the accuracy of data, and installing it in an online store, (app store, google play store).


Pitch deck



Marvel prototype

The Team ================================================================================ Bhavy M: Lead python coder, generally advised everyone. Steph B: Python coder, AI model maker, pitch creator and narrator. Mohamed A. L.: Pitch creator, narrator, maker of this description, and research helper. Irene P: Chatbot maker, co-pitch creator, helping everyone.

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google-cloud, google-colab, ibm-watson, python

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