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The organization helps half a million isolated, single elderly people living alone to talk to people from home.

Your psyche stays healthy. The risk group protects itself and others and helps to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

With team spirit we have implemented our challenge in the home office in the last 48 hours. is a ready, everyday, expandable solution and relevant for all areas in Switzerland.

Volunteers with an open ear register on the website and decide when they have time for a conversation.

This means that older people can easily find someone to talk to on their usual landline phone.

Even after the Corona crisis, our solution is a remedy for loneliness and benefits all of society in Switzerland.

With Slack I found people for a team. Then we started to master the challenge together.

We are pleased that we have developed and implemented AppRufBar so far and are happy if the project is continued and implemented after the Hackaton.

Kind regards from: #team-older-people-want-to-talk-to-someone

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