The outbreak of the COVID-19 has exposed shortages in capacity and capability in the healthcare system. Our patented software technology uses image recognition Ai to identify the unique 2 factor authentication of pill-packet recognition + QR code validation. An image recognition neural network indexes and registers each pill packet photo taken during pharmacy pill packet filling.

What it does

Our embedded app provides real-time monitoring for quarantined patients. Advanced Ai image recognition finds the matching pill packet + QR code image from the pharmacy database to authenticate medication and patient. Our speech recognition Alexa Medication Assistant Avatar - Traci remote telemedicine monitoring of quarantined COVID19 patients by dispensing medications and asking typical patient health questions, and provides a user friendly video conferencing platform for telemedicine.

How I built it

We used OpenCV, python, image recognition in a medication dispenser to take photos of pill packets and QR codes to verify medication packets.

Challenges I ran into

Image recognition of the pill in the packet and getting the avatar working with Alexa

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

we were able to embed the image recognition into the device without the cost or data transfer to a cloud service.

What I learned

Getting a grant from the NIH-FDA is not easy.

What's next for TeleHealth Medication Dispenser IoT to monitor patients

Finish the prototype and beta test it to real users.



audioino, opencv, python, raspberry-pi

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