With the recent spike in COVID-19 cases and the current shortage of medical staff, I had an idea to build a chatbot that can help you monitor symptoms and your health condition and automatically dial 911 to report your situation.

It's a Chatbot that makes you have a seamless conversation on your health and it keeps track of your medical info and shows you a possible diagnosis of what you may be suffering from,  thus referring you to a medical professional for help

The project is still in the process of development

Some of the challenges I ran and still running into is getting a team to work alongside me.  I was actively preparing for my azure DP-100 exams so it was very difficult to have full attention on the project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of are simply I am still working hard on the project to beat all odds to get it done

I have learned that teamwork is very crucial and it will save a lot of time if  tasks are managed adequately

What's next for Telltalk is be take it into beta and alpha testing mode and get the app ready so people can use and also incorporate into other social network platforms



azure, flask, keras, python, tyntec

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