Covid-19 have cause a lot of issues and some could be solve within a short period of time. I have always wanted to give hackathon a try and to contribute something that's helpful and learn new things. Since the start of covid-19, many people have lost their jobs and for those graduating and had received a job before hand lost their job too.

What it does

Industry with lots of demand requires temporary manpower to do work that might only require physical work such as deliveryman, driver, packer, hospital admin and etc. With this app, organization that requires manpower can list what do they need on it and those who are able to help out will be able to sign up through this app. People who need to start a social causes eg. deliver food to elderly daily, can also post their need on the app to search for volunteers. This can also provide temporary employment to those who are unemployed while they are searching for other jobs.

  1. Provide Organizations manpower needed
  2. Recruit Volunteers for social causes
  3. Start new causes and list them on the app

Challenges I ran into

Keeping track of the people who apply from this app and if recruitment is large, it is very difficult to keep track and contact all of them

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. Participating in something that helps humanity.
  2. Solving economy and unemployment

What I learned

Technology can be applied almost everywhere to gain efficiency and reliability

What's next for Temp Auxiliary

Availability and growth Might be also to request for resources



django, firebase, python

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