Humanity is the first species to change its own environment with conscious awareness. “This new age is not just climate change, it is everything change: the sky, the sea, the land, the rocks, life itself.”

What it does

We use our tools, experience, know-how to create a new antibacterial and antiviral molecule can last for long time on every surface in order to kill virus and protect for a long time afterwards. First way of contagion are surfaces that are touched from people.

How I built it

We call this molecule "Bellerofast". It is a fusion molecule that comes from the combination of genes of plant origin, absolutely non-toxic for the human body, and can also be used to protect the hands from attack by viruses and bacteria.

Challenges I ran into

A disinfectant has the function of killing the virus when the latter is already present on the surface. Alcohol or chlorine-based disinfectants, that is, those commonly used, have the limitation of lasting only a few hours on surfaces which, after the product has evaporated, remain exposed to viral attacks. When the viruses come into contact with the Bellerofast molecule sprayed on the surface, they are instantly eliminated and the protection lasts for several days. For example, Coronavirus Sars-Cov2 can remain active for up to 9 days on surfaces that cannot be treated constantly and continuously.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Primary Italian and European research centers are supporting us on our challenge. Venice University "Ca' Foscari" Department of molecular science and nano-systems opened their labs to us despite the lock down. CIBIO of Trento, first biology research centre for genetic in Italy is supporting us with their revolutionary labs. ICGEB of Trieste which is a UN virology unit is performing test on COVID-19. Association of european virology is studying our products on COVID-19.

What I learned

People are looking for a disruptive way to improve their lives, safely, in respect with nature. We all need new sustainable approaches to our daily routine.

What's next for TerraForX Biotech

After the testing process on COVID-19 will lead us to success, we will grant the license of production to World Governments in order to beat the virus and win the Pandemia challenge.

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