Instead of being subject to natural forces, humanity is now a “world-changing force of nature”, but they can/must choose how they act. Nature can deliver the problems but also can provide the tools. We have to enter deeply in the nano-world to understand how the tools work. So we will be able to apply solutions and cures.

What it does

We use our tools, experience, know-how to create a new antibacterial and antiviral super-molecule can last for long time on every surface in order to kill virus and protect for a long time afterwards. It can shield lungs, and other vital body systems from virus attack by destroying the virus themselves. We set three milestones: First: short-term solution is to stop virus proliferation into human body. Second: short-mid term solution to use rna retrotrascription detection of virus and managing information directly via cell-phones anonymously. Third: mid-long term solution to continuously check the presence of the virus inside the human body with a bio-engineered tattoo that shift color when virus is there.

How I built it

We call this molecule "Bellerofast". It is a fusion molecule that comes from the combination of genes of plant origin, suitable for shield the vital organs from virus attack. We built it with new crispr-cas techniques.

Challenges I ran into

We didn't want to create a drug, but mostly a supplement can works better than a drug. So we started to look into the self-healing process of plants and we discover how plants can fight viruses and bacterial. The main challenge was to translate this capacity into the human body.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Primary Italian and European research centers are supporting us on our challenge. Venice University "Ca' Foscari" opened their labs to us despite the lock down. CIBIO of Trento, first biology research centre for genetic in Italy is supporting us with their revolutionary labs. ICGEB of Trieste which is a UN virology unit is performing test on COVID-19. Association of european virology is studying our products on COVID-19

What I learned

Looking deep into the nature nano-systems has allowed us to undersand how Nature can cure itself using all self-created tools. This amazing capacity teaches us how to overcome the synthetic chemistry-era in order to enter the nature-healing era.

What's next for TerraForX Medical Channel

We will give to the World the chance to use this molecula to cure patient pained by Coronavirus and all the kind of deseases that come from virus species and bacteria. Our final aim is to improve the general condition of the people living on this Planet.

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