My Greatest Passion and Devotion in Life has been surfing, World Peace and the Flowering of Consciousness. I have independently studied the Art and Science of Reverse Engineering Inner, Local and World Peace for over 30,000 hours. Revelations have led to the illumination of a Scientifically irrefutable World Peace Formula, in the form of the single Greatest Agreement which everyone could and would obviously say yes to, for achieving Paradise Earth, with the greatest speed and grace.


What are the 5 greatest questions which a single survey could present to all of humanity, for streamlining the cocreative achievement of World Peace?!

The Greatest Agreement facilitates the spontaneous unification of Humanity, and the illumination of Humanity's Greatest and most inspiring wisdom, from within all generations and spectrums of society.  First step of execution: to model and actualize a peer review series for validating the feasibility of said formula with peers, and then invite all of humanity to say yes to the greatest question, and share their greatest wisdom. All responses will be databased, as we co-creatively develop the greatest open source organizational structure in the form of an Earth Cooperative. 8 Billion free and equal shares, and Open Source Everything Engineering.


  1. A peer review roundtable/panel presents their greatest peer review questions, and upon validating the feasibility of said formula, the first panel matchmakes the next peer review panel, along with all potentially ideal candidates for cocreatively executing all further developments.
  2. This essentially looks like an online survey that open sources all data analytics, so as to illuminate for humanity what are in fact our greatest agreements, and wisdom, which are most upvoted by the greatest number of people, along with the greatest questions and wisdom.  This simple voting functionality will assist us In identifying whom every community considers to be some of the wisest amongst them, and how they responded to the 5+ greatest questions presented in the Angelion Survey/website.

Challenges I ran into

Preparing the mind's ability to conceive, communicate, and illuminate the sophistication of Simplicity. (finding the language and frequency which communicate the message with ease and grace.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have done over 200 hours of live-streams, with over 100,000 views, sharing with my Facebook community about Angelion.  On March 20th, 2020, the first day of spring, I published my first website which showcases my life's work.  Www.Angelion.Love

What I learned

I have learned how little I know, and how metamorphic that little knowledge can be.  I've learned so much about how the human brain and heart process divine light, aka quantum downloads, as well as how we as humans are so conditioned to ignore, dismiss, and even resist and attack opportunities which the "Universe/God/Love offers us, in every moment.

What's next for The Angelion World Peace Engine

To begin hosting livestreamed, open peer review panels, and Unite a team of visionary, multidisciplinary Jedis, who all resonate with the Angelion Mission and Vision, and wish to support its successful Actualization.

Blessings <3

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