We wanted to help! We've all done volunteer work in college and high school at different places, including local hospitals, Red Cross, and CityTeam homeless shelters, that all need different kinds of resources and volunteers and met some amazing people doing good work there. We want to make panic giving as spontaneous as panic buying! And also the toilet paper memes.

What it does

Allows hospitals, food pantries, shelters, etc. to declare resources they need on a map.  Allows people to calculate their surplus goods when shopping. Allows people to see nearby places that need those goods so they can stop by and drop off surplus.  Presents a visually appealing and easy to navigate interface for organizations (hospitals, food pantries, and homeless shelters) to request for donated supplies and for the community to offer their goods.

How I built it

We used a basic MERN stack to build out an app that stores individual shopping lists as json in mongo. We used react so we could work on different components at the same time. We  used the google maps API too.

We created a mockup in photoshop and a powerpoint in Google slides.

Challenges I ran into

F: All kinds of formatting issues, I didn’t have a lot of javascript experience prior to this project but I’m happy with how much I got done.

K: Also my first time using javascript and react! And github. And the terminal, haha. But it was honestly exhilarating to work on something and receive such immediate and tangible results. It’s both so frustrating when the app won’t compile because a file was not imported or correctly labeled and so satisfying when we successfully debug.

S: My first time using javascript and react so that was a fun and challenging learning experience.

V: Wrangling react and mongo into doing the things I want it to do. Lag from the fb call

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

F: Resolving previous formatting issues and implementing a cleaner and more organized user interface. I’m also really proud of our team’s cohesion and efficiency. At first I wasn’t sure that we’d be able to implement all the things we wanted in the app but we found a really good flow that made the project fly by.

K: Figuring out photoshop enough to make something from scratch, including resizing images, editing different layers, and mastering the keyboard shortcuts. And, wow, it’s hard to believe that I didn’t know photoshop a month ago, and I didn’t know javascript three days ago. Also same as Shannon below.v

S: Assisting in the development of my first webapp.

V:Remote teamwork/organization, getting more fluid with my coding

What I learned

What's next for antihoardinator

Better calculations, individualized learning models per account that learn what products a person buys the most and how long it takes them to burn through each item, Collect real time data on the urgent needs of hospitals, food pantries, nursing homes, and homeless shelters. Allow channels for urgent needs that aren't tangible, like a video chat service for lonely elders in nursing homes in times of quarantine.

We had a great time learning and creating together during these difficult times! Looking forward to doing more stuff like this in the future

Github: Github if this is privated:

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