My team and I noticed, during a time like this where society is being told to distance themselves from each other, it becomes easy to become bored. So we persevered to make something functional to solve this issue.

What it does

Our solution was bored button. A website that you can go to and shuffle through some activity ideas, whether it be indoors or out, until you find one you like.

How I built it

Our team used visual studio code and github to collaborate. We then used basic html, css, and javascript/javascript libraries to achieve a desired goal. We used flask for the backend framework.

Challenges I ran into

Originally, we planned to not only provide activity ideas, but also link to random people together through either sms chat or video call. We planned to do so by using Twilio's API, but after too many complications, discouraged teammates, and lack of time, we decided it was in our best option to move forward without it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of the simplistic, yet complex nature of our program. It achieves it's goal and looks nice and organized while doing so.

What I learned

The biggest takeaway I believe my teammates and I learned from this experience was how to prepare for hackathons and how to collaborate on a grand idea in a short amount of time. We each had great ideas and different experiences with different frameworks/libraries that helped us achieve our goal.

What's next for The Bored Button

We plan to get the bored button online through a functional domain, we plan to eventually incorporate the sms and video-call features, and lastly we plan to go mobile. Hefty tasks for a determined and hard-woking crew.

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adobe-xd, anime, css3, firebase, flask, github, html5, javascript, node.js, python, visual-studio

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