Inspiration -  we are social workers by profession and this situation inspired us for work for the world and people who actually need this.

What it does - Help other to get out of any viral virus and help people for save their salves from corona and other harmful virus and project is very simple easy and also affordable for all and useful for all age group it's helpful for goverment to make lockdown more successfull.

How I built it - we built it with wix ADI website for our concept now by world hack we are going to show case it to the world and support everyone by our website in this pandemic.

Challenges I ran into - we faced many challenges in research work for 100% solution and finally we finded the 100% working 3 days vegan diet plan for the herbal cure of coronavirus (covid-19)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - our plan is 100% working researched well by us and we want that world will use this and get out of this virus.

What I learned - we learned many things about immunity system how to boost it and how to get improvement of health at home in this lockdown with simple easy ways.

What's next for THE CONCEPT ONE - if we get selected we are come with more other useful ideas for fight any disease in affordable and simple easy way that useful for any age group.

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