To entertain the 4 billion people stuck at home, we are going to organize a one-of-a-kind music festival to raise funds for COVID-19 relief.


Online concerts organized individually by artists have been flooding the different social media platforms. These are great initiatives, however, they do lack an essential aspect of physical concerts: social interactions. This is what kickstarted our project, with the idea of organizing an online music festival that brings interactivity to the next level.

What it does

The Curve Online Music Festival is an online music festival organized both to entertain the people currently confined in their homes and to participate in the battle against COVID-19 through fundraising. Well-aware of the technical challenges in the organization of an online concert, we would like to propose an interactive user experience, bypassing the inability to meet up physically. This idea is part of the continuity of the online concerts organized by different artists on different social media platforms, eager to propose an entertaining experience to their fans even in these times of confinement.

Problem / solution statement

The main problem we're addressing here is audience engagement and fundraising for COVID-19 relief. To be more specific, the interactivity of current live streaming platforms is very limited, therefore we want to recover the social aspect of concerts as well as find a way to keep the audience motivated. Our hypothesis is that increased social interactivity will increase the funds raised through the events.

Skills / competencies needed

Our team of developers is reinventing a new way of watching live streams, with interactive user experience, live commenting and instant donation giving. High programming skills are required as well as graphical design expertise to design a logo and an atmosphere for the festival.

How we built it

Technical side:

The team has created a website to host the online festival and a dedicated platform to watch artists perform and donate easily at the same time. - landing page - app

Communication & Marketing:

We first started with the creation of a logo that is faithful to the cause: A festival meant for everyone and which goal is to raise money. We then went on to create a visual identity and built the website accordingly.

Social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have been made to launch our marketing strategy and reach the potential participants.

We are contacting artists and radios that would be willing to participate in the project. We got our first positive replies and are looking forward to receiving more of them in the coming days.

Additionally, we contacted the World Health Organization to whom we would like to give the collected funds.

Challenges we ran into

From a technical point of view, putting together the work of each developer was a small challenge that has been overcome. Online hackathons demand a better coordination between members, and finding the right way to organize our work took some time.

Moreover, finding a point of contact with renown artists was a difficult task.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

The first version of the website and interface to watch live streams are being developed at a fast pace.

The logo and the name of the festival have been settled.  Additionally, we have received many enthusiastic responses from radios and artists that would be willing to participate in our project.

What we learned

On the developer side, the experience of one another has been extremely valuable in terms of having a starting point and finding the best ways to develop the interface. Additionally, we have learned how to work as a team; having regular video conferences, dividing the tasks and improving our way to communicate internally.

What's next

Next steps are to further develop our platform and make it even more user interactive, reach out to more artists and organizations that would want to take part in our project and create social media for the festival in order to reach many people and raise funds to help fight against COVID-19.



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