Overwhelmed with negative media, I recognized there's a massive void right now in the media landscape.

What it does

THE NEW NOW: Talks with Vika provides smart, forward-thinking conversations supporting people as they navigate forward for a more connected, compassionate, and wise outcome.

How I built it

Overnight. I built the graphics on canva and hosted the first episode on

Challenges I ran into

Live talks was tough, so I moved it to zoom calls. Asking for help to make this a podcast. Asking for help on marketing so this reaches people who need it. Asking for help to bring in thought leaders who people admire to talk to.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Launching. Overcoming my fears and owning my voice. Nearly 2k views of the first episode in the first 2 weeks. Every comment and thank you note from people who tuned in from 10 countries.

What I learned

This is more than a show, its a movement. I learned that I need a team from tech to marketing so that one day soon, this is a major source of insight and joy for people as we all struggle to make sense of our new reality.

What's next for The New Now: Talks with Vika ( Talk Show)

Launching a podcast in the coming week. Lining up a rockstar team of guest experts. Building a website. Aiming to be a real contender in the media scene akin to Ferris, Rogan, and Oprah one day - with your help!



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