Vulnerable people are in need of a way to protect themselves from infection in the context of a progressively reduced confinement. These people still need to participate in the society, whether it is for groceries, healthcare, work or general social activities, but at the exception of older people to an extent, their condition is not obviously visible.

What it does

In that context, the project aims to distinguish these people from the rest of the population as a way to warn others that special care should be done to diminish the infection risk for them. Moreover, people who regularly have to stay with vulnerable people, also have to be identified rapidly by the public in the same way.

The following categories would be considered:

People at risk themselves.

People who live under the same roof as vulnerable people.

Medical workers, social workers, elderly houses workers, pharmacists.

How we built it

With statistics we have investigated how new social guidelines can help people at risk. We have developed this guideline and try to explain this to the people in a very simple manner.

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