Claude Freléchoz is a physic teacher in the high school of Porrentruy (JU). His challenge teaching physics during the coronavirus period inspired us to create a solution: The Physics-Box!

What it does

Gamifying physics experiments with everyday objects or specific materials sent in a box.

How I built it

With the help of the physics professor, we have chosen challenges that could help understand physics formula while realizing the experiment.

Challenges I ran into

Feasibility of the experiment, Physics theory behind, How to make it simple, How to make it fun.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Delivering a project beginning from scratch 48 hours ago with a team who had to learn to work together. Producing a presentation (link "try it out"). Producing an inspirational video (link video).

What I learned

So important to have a project manager to get the tempo and keep the team motivated. Difficult to get help

What's next for The physic box

Work on the customer journey, the challenges and the gamification, the design, test the prototype, bind with partners to have it on diverses plateforme and then give it as a tool for the professors.

Try It out


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