Considering all the disruptions that COVID-19 has brought upon our day to day lives, our team (two brothers) both acknowledged the biggest thing missing from our lives is seeing our friends. In particular, the buzzing social atmosphere of being in a pub.

What it does

Upon launching the game, the user chooses a name and room code. If no rooms with this name exist then a new one is made.

You are then taken into the bar. You and your friends can choose a bar - on list are environments from any time or place, real life or fictional. Due to the time constraints we could only build one bar for now so we chose Moe's Tavern from The Simpsons.

You can then go to the bar and pick a virtual re-enactment of what you're drinking - beer/cider, wines and spirits (which comes in a lovely green tiki style cup).

You then have the option to take a seat and just chat away with your friends or you can choose to take part in a drinking game! Spin the wheel and prepare yourself....

Challenging ourselves to build it all in 24 hours (for an authentic hackathon experience), the outcome doesn't express all of our ideas but overall we are happy with what we have achieved.

How we built it

After mapping all the details out on paper, Ned (Chief Programmer, Maths & Computer Science @ Durham University) took to working on the voice chat and unet support. Duggie (Artistic Director, 3-Dimensional Design @ Manchester School of Art) started building the assets such as the bar and drinks.

After integrating these two parts together in Unity, we then tackled all of the various other scripts needed to make the game work, from being able to sit down on the chairs to spinning the wheel to opening the door whenever a player enters.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Creating a working game in the short time frame. Although it doesn't do all the features we had on paper, we are impressed how well the basics work. You can create and enter a room, take a seat at the bar and voice chat to your friends.  -Working together. As two brothers locked down together we are surprised at how well we managed to get on doing a project together. -Surviving the 24 hour hacking experience! After 16 hours we were starting to flag but managed to keep it together and keep on working till the final minute.

What we learned

How far you can go with frozen pizzas and a big pot of coffee.

What's next for The Quarantavern - A social, virtual pub

We shall keep tinkering on The Quarantavern throughout lock down as it gives us something to do. We would like to add more bars to choose from (especially from our favourite fictional places) and also include support for the drinking games such as beer pong and pub quizzes. Then we can get our friends on it and give it a thorough testing!

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