My PhD on evaluation of dairy farming systems in Haryana followed by a post-doctoral research on dairy farming in Asia made me realize that all problems have the solutions already in the environment. The moment we overcome the manmade barriers to access the universal culture, technology and experiences, solutions are not only resilient, they are sustainable in the long run.

What it does

It starts with sharing and caring for your immediate local interface in the supply chain.  You provide information on what you do, in return you get to know what your neighbours do better than you. You improve and your neighbour learns from you. This chain continues until your region reaches the optimal Equilibrium.

How I built it

I started with a small part of food supply chain, the dairy farmers. Based on my PhD project on frontier farm evaluation, I developed a model to collect data, analyse and forecast for the future 10 years. With addition of member networks, A AI system is developed which identifies and benchmarks the best options in every activities in the dairy business. This started as the reference point of productivity and information sharing tool.

Challenges I ran into

The toughest challenge was to convince stakeholders to share with the right information in the right time. The other challenge was to ensure the data privacy and safety of users identity and interests. However, with use of digital technology and social communication it was possible to overcome them.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Developing this unique platform of collecting and sharing knowledge to be the inspiration for the future stakeholders has been the major accomplishment which could be replicated across many other domains of work culture in the present covid-19 era of living.

What I learned

To start small but keeping the big picture in mind is the most important learning. But you have to make this start to ensure that the engine keeps moving and accelarates evenly.

What's next for The resilience to Covid-19: Food Frontiers

Expanding the network to include stakeholders in dairy from cities to villages to blocks to districts to states and countries will be the next big challenges and mission of this project.



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