I wanted to find a solution for COVID-19 and I signed up for HackTheCrisisIndia and made it to top 300! Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to top 30.I also got a special mention in The Global Hack. I knew I wasn't gonna give up and I signed up for This Hackathon!

The People who lost their job due to COVID-19 can go to The Virus-Limiter app and apply for a job that is going to be listed by companies who need more people to help stop this pandemic. So a cashier at a restaurant might switch to a COVID-19 volunteer by using our app and contacting a hospital.

I don't have a working model yet.

A very big barrier I have in my way is The Age Barrier. I am only 10 years old and have no experience in coding and all. And I have like people who are 40 going against me!

A very big accomplishment that I think that I have, is that I made it to top 300 of HackTheCrisisIndia.

What I thought in HackTheCrisisIndia was that my idea was just really basic, so I decided to change that This Hackathon. And in my idea in The Global Hack was a little hard to widely spread.

So, right now I am recruiting a team that will help me on my journey to success!

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