What inspired us is we are traveling worldwide to for the Sustainable Development Goals to provide solutions and share the existing solutions available that no one is aware and can be retrofitted to other global communities issues as solutions.  We have been working like other as partners for the SDGs; and prior to that the Millennium Development Goals.  What was missing Artists having a seat at the table with United Nations Member States.

What it does

What our work does that is simplistic is provide the SDGs to Artists in all all creative fields while their form of creativity provides solutions and amplifies other solutions for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  It also connects Artists with Member States, Ngos, civil society and more to move forward.  We also have a youth platform where youth use the arts to show the solutions in their community.  And it allows Artists to be connected, engaged with and the intention is to provide artists with a seat in the General Assembly to be involved in the decision making process of policies where deemed necessary.  Connecting Artists with the right multistakeholders so they are able to fulfill on new, existing and older solutions that support global communities.  Now Artists for us include all creative professionals (photographers, musicians, artists, painters, sculptors, writers, singers, songwriters, storytellers, comedians, etc), chefs (create foods for all), sports, tech, brands, advertisers, etc. - these are creative fields too.  As people are creating within these fields.

How I built it

The idea was conceived in 1998 and went through various stages.  The idea was conceived by one the co-founders when they worked on the NetAid concert with Quincy Jones, UNDP and NetAid in 1998.  The Co-Founder had already wanted to find a way to bring organizations, artists, private sector, countries, citizens and governments together.  Now we use the latest in online platforms to support the artists, ngos, private sector, brands, citizens and more coming together ensuring these solutions are activated in the areas necessary.  It was an idea and we acted on that idea.  It was easy for our group.

Challenges I ran into

Others copying our intellectual property.  Sometimes not enough resources in staffing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have done this model in Asia and New York.  As a group we completed the model ourselves and most importantly we understand the language of Private Sector, United Nations, Member States, Creative Economy, Creative Professionals, Artists, Brands, Advertising, Tech, Citizens and more; and we understand how to speak the language so all parties are able to come to the table to work together with one another.

What I learned

That regardless of what other people do, its important to continue your commitment in what you are doing.  Even if others believe the party that has taken your intellectual property is theirs.  Stay on path and grow from the lesson.  There is enough for everyone and continue to collaborate.  There is nothing you can do about what others do or don't do.

What's next for TheCreators2030 UN Arts Initiative

Creating this format in every country worldwide where no artist has to wait until someone purchases their art form or be hired at a minimum salary.  Connecting Artists work to the United Nations Creative Economy.  Working with Youth to empower them through Arts ongoing to use this arts as an illustration of the solutions to problems they see solvable within their communities worldwide.  We also have a global podcast that will support artists and more media in the works.

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