Having done over 2000 personal sessions we watched several mental health issues getting broken down into the same topics and also being solved with similar steps. We already know that the mind can be changed and taught and perception of the world can be changed though conscious and subconscious so we set our goals to test that. Created and MVP and sold it/tested it with 100+ business managers/leaders and got feedback that it does work.

What it does

Gives you a simple framework to tackle any questions you have in your life. Anxiety, depression, fears, not having a clear plan, overworking, overthinking, health (body image), relationships, leading a team, being a worker, setting future plans, changing perception of the past etc. It is done with: videos of the background of the topic, mp3 of meditation, hypnosis, script of the video, workbook to go through these points and printout to stick on your fridge, everyday excercises that are mean to run and remind you to do during the day/week - you set them (if there is to be made an app version) and a community where once a week are held online conversations and a general Q&A of like-minded people.

How I built it

To test the MVP we used dropbox, google forms, google docs and google drive. For feedback and online sessions we used zoom and skype. The whole course is based on scientific research that was gathered together from several researchers, from University of Tartu to Cambridge, Harvard etc. Also the psychological tests and client examples have been gathered through our experience with over 2000 clients.

Challenges I ran into

Mostly technical issues and also giving specific guidelines to people who needed more information - so that should be installed to the process as well - a way to request more info on the question.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Over 100 users with a simple MVP and 98% success rate with the users. The other 2% needed more guiding and information before giving us 5*. Also all of the measures, from anxiety level, to happiness with work etc improved more than 3-4 points of a scale of 1-10.

What I learned

That people need a trusted face to guide them through a process, that we need a really good developer and a good PR person!

What's next for Therapist in your pocket

An AI powered bot to already offer solutions and steps for the person to come out whatever situation.



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