Panic buying, fake news, worsening statistics. The world needs more prayers and blessings and hope in this crisis. With more and more countries going into lockdown and people forced to stay and work from home for extended periods of time, people will be spending more time on the internet. Inspired by momentumdash, we thought of creating a Chrome tab extension that will open up every time a tab is open and encourage users to send blessings to one another.

What it does

The extensions every time a user opens a new tab on the browser. Here it shows them blessings and prayers they are receiving from friends, families and even strangers. (blast out to cities, industries etc). Likewise they can send a blessing to their friends and family or to other parts of the world that they feel called to bless. They can even send prayer pointers to friends to ask for prayers

How I built it

The mockup was built using a vuejs framework called quasar. And the build artefacts can be packaged into a extension.

Challenges I ran into

Making the user interface simple and easy to use was a challenge. We also had many ideas for the features and prioritising them was a challenge

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Despite a small team and many commitments due to lockdowns and work-related changes, the team managed to come up with a simple product mockup within this short span of time. The flexibility of the design gives us a lot of room for adding features

What I learned

Resilience, product design, prototyping

What's next for #thinkingofyou

Finishing up the MVP and launching it within our networks.  Provide links to useful/positive articles Enhance data visualisation for users (e.g. track number of blessings sent worldwide) Send varied media to others Link to existing messaging platforms like Telegram, Line, etc

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