This initiative is a self sustaining industry capable of gainfully employing about 1 Million individuals (Youth: Female and Male and women).

Poised to drastically reduce consumption/waste patterns in production processes, decongestion of landfills through strategic color coding approach to waste collection and recycling, strategically contributory to carbon reduction  Our plastic lumber dive is envisioned to be Africa's first regenerative approach to a permanent plastic waste solution with a growth projection of $3M in 10 years. Our clientele is a vendor specific and user friendly subscription based mobile solution. We leverage on already existing solutions and social enterprise in strategic alliance.

What it does

This initiative helps dwellers domesticate their local waste in a somewhat simple and technology driven approach leveraging on Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile technology. We begin with sensitizing communities on the importance of waste sorting and recycling. One of our key focuses are Plastic waste (collection and reuse in the plastic lumber industry), food waste and municipal solid waste. With all these forming a good ecosystem of the waste cycle. We also have a green market via the Application (API) and peer-2-peer/biz-2-biz vendor support solution. On this platform we are bane on encouraging local CONSUMPTION PROCESSES

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

With our strategic alliance with local government authorities and NGOs e have been able to drive home much needed impact measurable through KPIs in ecoliteracy, awareness and climate adaptation approaches such as local energy production from domestic waste; from which about 200 individuals have received training on these, and already about 25 homes currently domesticate their waste for energy in Ondo State, Nigeria Youth engagement has risen by the day with about 25000 insights generated and 2 million awareness and 5 million leads tracked. Adunreke Samuel is a member of UNEP MGCY on Waste and Chemicals, having also engaged in UN processes and invited to ECOSOC YOUTH Plenary and Global Festival of Action

What I learned

I have learnt to engage and collaborate with multi-stakeholders for the progress and development of processes.

What's next for ThrashSmart

We are counting on you to co-create this solution and make it a reality at reducing Wastes and contributing to NDCs of our communities. Building the betta and improving version

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