Studying is boring, and often when you have a lot of tasks, it’s hard to motivate yourself to get through them. The pomodoro method is a way to be productive by alternating between 25 minute study sessions with 5 minute breaks. We gamified this system by awarding XP for finishing those 25 minute study sessions (in the form of a timer on the page) and also adding a to-do list and assignment page for different methods of working. Users earn XP over time by being productive either in the form of using  the timer, finishing assignments, and crossing off items on a to-do list, and can then spend the XP playing games or watch as their level rises and the graphic at the bottom of the dashboard progresses. As we also wanted the site to be an all-in-one to discourage leaving and going to other sites (and thus ending up on YouTube for three hours) to do other tasks, we also incorporated a flashcard feature to help users study.

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