Inspiration It inspired me to work on other useful projects too so that I can help people with my skill.

What it does In this project you can record your location by answering one simple question. And other people can know if that place is safe or not before they go.

How I built it with the help of node js and other useful resources available on youtube.

Challenges I ran into As this was my first project on node js. I felt quite challenging but yeah my curiosity won.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of I built m first project on node js.

What I learned I learned with the help of skill and hard work we can make this world a better place to live as well in the time of need we can help people out there.

What's next for Together we can This project was built solely and I'm gonna learn some more useful skill to in upcoming days and with my knowledge, I'm gonna help the world.

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css3, html5, javascript, node.js

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