Think about the last time you were away from home. Do you remember seeing people working on their own? Like people selling rich food on the streets? Street vendors? Whatever your answer, the probability that you have seen people making a living from informal jobs on the streets of Latin America is very high, the number of informal workers is gigantic.  About 140 million people are in informal work in Latin America and the Caribbean according to the World Labour Organization (ILO) study.  Most of these people choose to be self-employed and decide to exclude themselves from the benefits of the state for reasons of not being able to get a job within the formal circuit, mostly because of their level of education and work experience. Informal jobs include selling food on the streets, street vendors, fruit sellers, farmers, masons, artisans, etc. With the current outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in many countries, governments are recommending that their citizens be quarantined to try to reduce the rate of COVID-19 transmission.

What it does

It works by making donations of food, pantries, cleaning products, etc., which volunteers give to people who do not have a formal job and whose income is made up of their day-to-day earnings, making it impossible for them to stay in their quarantined homes.

How are donations made?

The best thing about ToHelp is that you can donate without leaving your home. In the ToHelp app you will find people close to you who need support. If you are interested in donating, just take the address of the home of the person in need and see what products or food they need, and then go to shopping options such as Mercado Libre, Amazon fresh, Superama, Super Walmart, etc. which are available in most countries and most importantly, they deliver to your home. This way you avoid leaving your home to help someone who really needs it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To be able to help people with scarce resources who really need our help



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