We want to keep social distancing, however, it is difficult to do this for groups that share many common areas in a housing unit. We propose an app that allows for easy sharing of occupancy status. Ever felt like you had too many friends and it is very difficult to not have social contact? Then this is your app!

What it does

If each person in your household downloads the app, you can keep track of where each person is in the house, and with a simple click let everyone know that you have entered an area (i.e. kitchen) and that nobody should go in that area until you release the lock.

How I built it

The app was downloaded with Java using Android Studio and Firebase for the push notifications connectivity.

Challenges I ran into

We had never used Firebase before so it took a bit to get used to it. I ran into many challenges to get the push notifications to get through the network.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The app is fully functional, and while it would still need modifications to go into production, it's a nice proof of concept that we were able to do over the weekend.

What's next for TooManyFriends

Generalizing to arbitrary sizes of housing units, creating your own household, and allowing user sign up and log in

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android, firebase, java

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