We are aware of the current novel coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic situation which has taken a lot of lives spreading across the globe.  As per CDC's (WHO) suggestion, all the countries across the globe are locking down and controlling crowd movement. Social distancing will help flatten the pandemic spreading curve.

A major problem in most of the countries has been to control the crowd movement during the lockdowns & quarantine.  So it's crucial to have a control mechanism that allows only the right people to move around & perform their duties. But today the permission & approval from the authorities has not been digitized or centralized everywhere. So, we are proposing an end-end solution for digitizing & centralizing the pass issue process.

What it does

We have created an easy and centralized method to request, approve & use the passes so that the people can move around during the crisis responsibly and the authorities have better data to track the movement of people.

How we built it

We build three main modules using front-end Mobile applications in iOS using Swift, Android using Kotlin, Web nuxt.js, vue.js. Backend in firebase & javascript.

  1. CovidPass (Public) - iOS & Mobile Web apps as front end Interface for profile creation with phone validation (using OTP) and get an SSN/Govt. ID ex. Aadhaar card number (cross-check the govt. ID registered phone later in the dashboard given to authority)
  2. CovidEnforcers - Android as frontend with the same common profile creation module &  QR code scanner which will display information about the pass.
  3. CovidCare - Web (Node.js) Support dashboard for monitoring requests for govt. authority.

Challenges we ran into

The entire system was designed & developed with the #hackthecrisisindia Hackathon last week (4-5th April 2020) conducted by Garage48. We completed a fully working solution within the hack (48hrs).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we where part of Top30 hacks of #hackthecrisisindia Hackathon by Garage48 for Hacking the crisis.

What we learned

We learned a lot for cross-technology integration and dealing with time constraints by fast prototyping from Mobile frontend & backend. We learned to enhance the most efficient & scalable backend with Lambda.

What's next for TOP30_hackthecrisisindia_CovidPass

We are adding the new feature for the Global hackathon Assessment of pass eligibility by “Health Status” & "Hotspot" of each individual who requests the passes, which helps to identify & enhance the pass approval process.



android, firebase, ios, node.js

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