Novel Corona Virus has caused a major public health problem across globe. Victims develop acute respiratory failure and requires support of mechanical ventilation. Ventilators are highly expensive and technologically sophisticated. Medical resources are concentrated in urban areas, and rural areas have no/limited access to ventilators. Mild and Severe cases create a mass casualty across nation and a need for an inexpensive portable ventilator.

What it does

PAVAN(Portable and Affordable Ventilator) provides an artificial ventilation by using mechanical air compressor / turbine to assist or replace spontaneous  breathing. It sucks in oxygenated air and assists breathing by providing constant air flow during inhalation and assisting the patent during exhalation. It continuously measures air flow rate, lung air pressure, tidal volume of the patient and regulates the air flow to the patient, also it uploads these data to the cloud. Using IOT platform created the doctor can monitor the patients breathing data and can control the ventilator remotely.

How I built it

Low-cost, and portable ventilator for mass casualty cases with estimated cost of 3K to 4K Rs,  The device is built using an air-compressor/turbine ( used to drive air to the lungs ), a small set of electro-mechanical subsystem controlled by AtMega 328 Microcontroller, accompanied by a battery (12V) for portability. The air flow mechanism is controlled by the Microcontroller, using the inputs provide by the operator and by monitoring the trigger points from the patient's pressure and airflow data. The device has user friendly, language independent Human Machine Interface and will push vital patient data in real time to the cloud, making data visualization, tracking remotely and monitoring easier. A web-app is built for visualizing real time graph and control the ventilator.

Challenges I ran into

  1. The usual low cost method of compressing BVM bags was found to be disruptive to the lungs, and required to find a novel idea which is cost effective and works for assisting the breathing without harming the patients lungs.
  2. Data upload through wifi and its reliability issues which was  a major challenge.
  3. Measurement of patient vital data as the components required was not available due to nation wide lockdown, and this lead to utilizing minimal resources and creating innovative methods to measure the patient's vital data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Inventing novel ideas for making the ventilator affordable. Producing real time display of patient's vital data and making it available for the doctor for telemedical monitoring.

What I learned

Creating a complete working prototype with dedicated team work in 24 hours.  Front-end development of web apps and android apps. Medical technology behind the working of ventilator.

What's next for PAVAN : Portable and Affordable Ventilator

The prototype PAVAN will be made as a product with enhanced features including:

  1. GPS and GPRS for tracking location of ventilator
  2. Bluetooth configuration for visualizing data through mobiles in the vicinity of the ventilator in network deficient areas.
  3. Enhancing the assist control mode by introducing PEEP, and FiO2.making it compatible with world class medical standards.



aircompressor, android, arduino, bluetooth, c++, cloudstorage, cpap, html, javascript, json

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