Join me on my mission to save lives by giving the public better access to up-to-date information from trusted sources!

What it does

Users can see the latest advisory and emergency notifications from government agencies, based on their location. Users can easily access products and services being made available for free to Healthcare professionals, the unemployed and businesses affected by COVID19, nationally, and in their local area. They can also discover and search news, events, webcasts, podcasts, blog posts, courses, eBooks, whitepapers and more. Content will be organized by categories with dedicated landing pages, so users can quickly access the latest information that is most relevant to them. Content is ranked based on engagement (views/clicks/shares), so that we can feature the most popular/useful content to visitors. Users can post new links manually and platform automation imports new blog posts and links from trusted sources in near-realtime.

How I built it

Just starting, using Microsoft .NET Core and C#.

Challenges I ran into

I'm just getting started, but I'm ready to tackle any challenges!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I've had a successful career in IT for over 20 years and worked on hundreds of software development projects, in all capacities. I co-founded and led the growth of Boston New Technology into one of the top tech and startup networks in the world, with over 50k members across 14 meetup groups.

What I learned

I'm just getting started, but focusing on partnering, collaboration, teamwork and co-support are top priorities.

What's next for - Top Virus News, Events and Resources

Seeking grants and help for design, development, hosting and marketing. How can we best partner? Email me directly at: Chris "at"

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.net,, c#, html5, javascript, visual-studio

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