Our supermarkets are designed to be full of touchpoints, which creates high risk of cross-contamination. Elderly people are at high risk, and protecting this group whilst maintaining a supply of goods is essential. 400,000 people in Switzerland are above the age of 80 and have difficulties using modern technology.

Key touchpoints we have looked at for the elderly is eliminating the need to go to the supermarket and also an entirely contactless payment method.

By sourcing motivated volunteers who can be an intermediary between supermarkets and the elderly, we can create a collaborative ecosystem. The service uses an integrated platform of already existing technology. We have calculated 8 volunteers to support 5000 elderly people around a local community.

There are 4 steps to the process: enrolment of the elderly, ordering with multiple supermarkets, delivery and payment. We have defined process for each step and the technology required to meet these 4 steps.

The key processes are; enrollment using facial recognition to eliminate the need for the elderly touching payment systems, ordering goods via the phone and managing customers and orders via CRM software, delivery within 24 hours by volunteers through a web application with the delivery schedule and trustable payment through facial recognition.

We have created a concept that requires minimal technical development, set up and infrastructure redesign. There is scope for this concept to be scaled up after the crisis to augment existing social support frameworks.

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