COVID-19 has been spreading immensely, even though measures have been put in place to reduce the spread. If only there was a way to know who a person just tested positive has been in contact with recently, the government/care providers could provide even preventive/ special care and help them take precautions.

What it does

Once the user turns on the app and hits start ("Indicates he is going somewhere out side") the app starts periodically transmitting as a beacon and receiving signals for a set amount of time. When it detects another beacon nearby, it stores the data such as bluetooth address transmitted, distance, and mainly location and time it detected the other beacon. This tracking is done based of bluetooth of the device.

When a health care provider needs to know who a person just tested positive for COVID-19 has been in contact recently, he/she can login with their admin credentials on the Trail web server, and put in the UserAccount and access code given from the app. The server matches  "Time"and geofenced "Location" to generate a list of people in that area at that time. This matching of admin credentials with app access code and user account protects privacy. This returns the list of users who have been in contact with the infected person.

server displaying all data uploaded from app (filtering is still to be completed) can be viewed:

How I built it

I used it by going through doc of AltBeacon, Google, and the libraries I have used in the application. The app uses WorkManager to schedule work in the background. The user does not have to keep the app open for it to work.

Challenges I ran into

I had never worked with bluetooth, and beacon technologies, it was really tough understanding the process of ranging and transmitting, and making them work correctly in the App.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to build the app side of the project, and make the transmitting and ranging work correctly while storing the data in the application. The server is also built to receive data uploaded from the app as well. I hope this effort helps, at least in some way, with fighting the COVID-19.

Server to view data as is currently up: (Filtering and user authentication yet to add:

What I learned

How beacons work, how the bluetooth technologies in android are privacy protected as they transmit different bluetooth address every-time it transmits

What's next for Trail

  • Optimizing the application, and maybe incorporating the Google Nearby API.
  • Adding a warning system, which warns people entering a crowded area.
  • Completing the list by filtering data in the server

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