In fact, I'm on a diet now! However, I cannot take a walk outside.  How should I train in my room?  OK, I'll purchase and hack the exercise bike!

What it does

This exercise bike have music buttons for music game.  Let's play game pedaling.  If you pedal slowly, music play will be also slowly.  Keep pedal speed!

How I built it

I have an electronic work with ESP32, photo-reflector and LED buttons then I build my music device.  Also, I build Unity application to play game communicating my music device.

Challenges I ran into

I tried to make only one ESP32 to receive signal from photo-reflector directly but it did not work well.  Maybe, it's long distance between front panel and pedal so I need to collaborate two ESP32s.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Simple mechanism around photo-reflector is appeal point of my product.  This simple mechanism will be able to be attached other exercise bike.

What I learned

Combination of wood cube and photo-reflector mechanism. It was very useful for my future work.

What's next for Train your body to defeat covid-19 with my muusic exercise bike

Also, next issues are to

  • detect center of gravity with load cell.
  • detect heart beat pulse to manage our training more detail.



excercise-bike, photo-reflector, unity

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