Problems in the public transport system are:

  • COVID19 is the most hazardous disease present in the environment
  • Congestion on roads & Accidents due to it.
  • Unorganized traffic management system
  • Parking Difficulties (Demand > Supply)
  • Environmental Pollution creating disorders & Hazardous issues
  • Frustrations & mental issues

People choose private vehicles because:

  • Door-to-Door Service
  • On-Demand Availability
  • Comfortable rides have assured seats
  • Not having to stand in queues
  • Speedy travel
  • Personal safety & security

A mobile app solution using AI Technology embed with the existing infrastructure to provide :

  • Motivate people to use public transport ( Designed around the customers not around technology)
  • Real-time detection for maintaining social distancing in the transportation system
  • Real time congestion level categorized as low, moderate, high & insane.
  • Real-time navigation &  availability
  • Emergency, Roadside & Medical assistance
  • Rewards & Personal Branding

What it does

  • Detection of violation of social distancing in the public transportation system.
  • Detection of a panic attack.
  • Contact emergency services in case of an emergency.
  • Can find nearest public transport & navigate to it.
  • Including maps, list of visiting places.
  • Including contacts of taxi-operators
  • Information about nearest hotels & restrooms
  • Suggest trip from one location to another which is effective in time & money
  • Suggestion to improve conditions of roads, frequency of buses, parking spaces information.
  • Develop remote tourist areas and provide better amenities
  • On-Demand cabs services, pooling services, shuttles services and many more in one App.
  • For every Trip made by the user. The user can able to get Trango coins as a reward for using public transport.

How we built it

Technology Stack*

  • Mobile APP Development
  • Android Studio
  • Java/python
  • Machine learning/computer vision

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Winner of Hack-n-Cody hackathon, Kurukshetra, INDIA

What's next for Trango

  • Our Major cities like Delhi, providing free electricity & water supply.  We are integrating two business models, as have already discussed, for every trip made by the user, we are providing trango coins and that encourage people to use public transportation system instead of their private vehicles.
  • More the Trango coins, a commuter earns that amount of electricity & water supply he can redeem.
  • So in this model, I am just explaining, if the government is giving any free commodity to its citizens. The government might combine this business model and decrease its financial burden.



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