I got inspired from my own big retangular pencil case that had everything in it together. At the same time it was hard to find a color pencil among the other pens.

Three smaller compartments that are categorized makes it super easy to find things from exactly where they usually are.

I just figured what if there is a pencil case that is same from the outside, but has some dividers inside. I just went home, draw the sketch and tried out. Now I have a taylor who makes them.

I ran into - Team mates and day job. I haven't been too active lately just doing jobs that I can not what I really would like to. Also theefore I haven't built the community yet. It is just about to come.

One accomplishment that I'm proud of is a pecial prize at Kaleidoskoop business idea competition which was an opportunity to participate at the semi finals at the Polar Bear pitching competition in Oulu, Northern Finland.

What I learned - People get and love simple things that make their life easier. Less is more and it is most important to believe in your journey and just walk the walk!

What's next for Tritsu Design - real products and shops or ways to sell them. People have to get to know about it!

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