Mitigating the pandemic requires many related apps and data flows coordinated around and consented by the individual. Apps will do contact tracing, test management, symptoms capture, digital identity, professional health records, consent, and decentralized (localized) community guidance and governance. A robust, standards-based and open source framework is needed to enable the best apps and services in each of these domains to be combined to meet the needs of different cities, communities, and cultures.

For over five years, I am the co-founder of a physician-developer led project called Trustee that implements the modern standards for managing digital identities, health records, and the consents for OAuth APIs. Unlike legacy systems built around hospitals and government bureaucracies, Trustee is built around individual patients, credentialed caregivers, and communities of interest. This makes Trustee uniquely well suited to the pandemic which requires features like patient mobility to appropriate isolation and treatment locations, flexibility in caregiver and testing access, and sophisticated consent mechanisms to support surveillance while minimizing privacy risks to individuals before and after infection.

What it does

Trustee has always been run as a Free / Open Source collaboration by a small group of physicians and health industry veterans. Until now, our goal was to inform standards and policy rather than deploy or market an end-user product. It is now time to document our extensive code and ready it for deployment in support of the various apps and services being developed around he world. Trustee is written in Laravel/PHP and recently containerized. Key API standards include OAuth2, UMA2, OpenID Connect, and FHIR. We use the ConsenSys uPort app to allow caregivers to manage their credentials. We have demonstrated connectivity to the production APIs of the largest EHR vendor (Epic) as well as the entire US Medicare beneficiary database. We demonstrate clinician credentialing by linking to the US National Provider Identifier database and the largest social network for clinicians. Stripe integration enables individual patients to pay for and control their own Trustee.

What's next for Trustee

We are looking for hackathon teammates to document and demonstrate Trustee as a resource to apps and services as well as communities fighting COVID-19 and future pandemics. More info and a whitepaper at

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decentralizedgovernance, docker, fhir, laravel, oauth, openidconnect, selfsovereignidentity, uma2

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