Majority of the reporting on COVID-19 has focused on the growing number of infected persons, which hasn’t helped so much with anxiety levels around the world.  The first report on the virus was back in 2019 by some doctors, but I believe that if the victims of this viral infection were provided with a platform that makes it easy to make and track reports, this crisis could have been handled better.

To solve this i took advantage of networking technology, and designed a mini-social-media web app to tackle this problem from a pandemic prevention standpoint. Our data will be mostly dependent on issues reported on this site.

At users making a post will have two options to select from before every post: the actual post button (Tab 1) and a drop-down (Tab2) where the subject of the post will be selected from a small list of options. A choice must be made from the drop-down to make the post button active. This will help to at least classify what every post is about and provide us information that could be used to help the community and contact relevant authorities.

This preventive approach is especially useful in less developed economies where many people can’t afford to survive too long without going out to work, but mostly have access to a phone which can be used to access the web.

To get a demo of our project, go over to “” and click on “create account” and you’d be guided from there onwards.

One major challenge that i faced was with Bootstrap. I am using it for the first time, but i am glad that i could get around it. I am also glad that i am able to suggest a  solution to this problem. Thank you for your time.



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