Enabling functions of various portals and e-commerce pages for small businesses inspired by:

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What it does

This is a All-In-One E-Commerce Package and Business Model for Restaurants.

Any web developer can set this up for any restaurant that wants to offer traditional orders and weekly food delivery subscriptions for their neighbourhoods. No need for, Uber eats or other platforms that take revenue.

We are creating an open source e-commerce starter-kit with a subscription feature. Small business can easily set up their own webstore and offer traditional orders and subscriptions. They only need someone with knowledge in web-technologies to setup the store for them.

After setup they can sell weekly food delivery "packages":

  • Wednesday - Monday: Customers orders in a specific area are getting collected.
  • Tuesday: Ingredients are bought and packages are cooked freshly depending on the orders that came in
  • Wednesday: Delivery of food packages with cars, bikes and scooters to the surrounding neighbourhoods

That business model is suited for efficient usage of leftover human resources short-work for cooking/delivery on a restricted amount of days of the week.

Technically this comes together with a Datatrans Integration allowing for Postfinance, invoice, Twint, EC & other local payment options and a headless CMS to edit the content on the site. No further coding needed after initial setup.

How we built it

Using the following technologies:

Challenges we ran into

  • Subscription Logic had to be implemented into the Unchained Engine core, which did not support subscriptions before

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Super slick UI with a clear process
  • Can be themed and deployed in under 30 minutes
  • No SaaS services involved except the payment gateway Datatrans
  • No FAGA involved

What we learned

Take enough time for presentation and texting :)

What's next for Unchained Food Delivery

Complete all missing features and issues, then copy to other restaurants that are in need, onboard other developers to join us on this mission. We are offering one hour free consulting for small business and developers/web agencies to get started.

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graphql, next.js, node.js, react, unchained-engine

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