The way COVID 19 was spreading and we had no way but to watch helplessly inspired me to apply my knowledge to intervene. We observed in daily life and as per published reports, there are chances to get infected by Coronavirus due to the handling of daily essentials. Further, there is a lack of technology to disinfect high-risk areas efficiently without harming humans. So, this journey began.

What it does

It kills viruses on surfaces of grocery etc. with 254nm UV C light and it is able to kill airborne and settled viruses with Far UV C 222 nm light in open spaces habituated by humans without harming humans.

How we built it

With the help of two 11W UV C tubes (254 nm), aluminum foil, Cardboard box, grating to prepare platform, adaptor, and wires with plugs UV C Disinfection box had been built. Further during the hackathon, we are going to develop prototypes for killing Coronaviruses with help of the 222nm UVC light which is not harmful to humans for the disinfection of high-risk areas having airborne, settled and stuck viruses at hospitals and public places.

Challenges we ran into

To get 222 nm UVC light excimer lamp during lockdown

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The identification of risk due to touching contaminated daily essential supplies and the possibility to very efficiently fight with the Corona pandemic by Far UV C range of 207-222 nm in the form of various stationery and mobile equipment.

What we learned

The experiments conducted to study the effect of Far UV C on humans and the doses required to kill various microorganisms by UV C light.

What's next for UV C Disinfection of settled or airborne Coronavirus

Mass application at residences, hospitals, and institutional buildings to end the pandemic as soon as possible.



alluminiumfoil, android, cardboard, excimerlamp, uvc, uvtube

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