The inspiration comes from the actual worldwide crisis and from our desire to bring solutions.  A lot of infrastructures are now at risk to be considered contaminated by the SARS-CoV-2 (hospitals, public transports, workplaces, schools, elderly institutions...).  Indeed, the virus can last for several hours on different surfaces.

Spartacus, who has experience working in contaminated environments, proposed the challenge to use ultaviolet (UVC) technology already available on the market, to implement a disinfection plan in the Swiss country.  Corinna and Joseph Ambrose (as a mentor) liked the idea and joined the team bringing their know-how in engineering, physics and robotics.

What it does

Ultraviolet Lamps (UV germicidal Lamps) exist and are already used to quickly and effectively disinfect surfaces from 99.9% of viruses and bacterias.  Short-wavelength UVC is the most damaging type of UV radiation and it is used as a germicidal (capable of inactivating microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses and protozoa).  UVC are effective environmentally-friendly, chemical-free and eliminates human errors.  We propose UVClean, for a service of UV-disinfection on a Swiss country level. The objective is to prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI’s) for the benefit of patients, hospital staff and associated healthcare costs.

How we built it

We assembled this project using our knowledge, together with some extensive research of the available technologies on the market and the applicability for our purposes.

Challenges we ran into

We had to face the challenge of being a small team. The amount of work was a lot for only 3 persons, but the team had a great spirit and very fast everybody found his role. Thanks to that we managed to succeed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Generally we are proud of everything we have done in 48 hours working hard together without knowing each other before. In particular, about how we managed to put together the idea and the policy of the UVClean company, the logo and the website.  We are also proud about the R&D ideas : we propose the use of UV-drones to decontaminate very difficult to reach place such as ventilation ducts in hospitals, which are a potential vehicle of infections.

What we learned

It was our first Hackathon. We learned a lot about working with each other, thinking as a company and UVC technology.  Especially, we learned that time runs fast!

What's next for UV versus Virus

We hope that the UVC disinfection solution could become operable in Switzerland in the early future.  We believe that the flexibility of the technology will also make it operable in other environments such as public transports, planes,schools, offices, elderly institutions...

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