The stress, isolation, and the lack or loss of meaning triggered by pandemic are estimated to grow even after the pandemic is gone. We know how to help people heal and gain positivity as #1 we are passionate about tech for happiness; #2 we have a combined 15+ years of experience in the science of happiness and tech.

What it does

Imagine your future voice-assistants professionally care about your emotions and well-being; that’s what we are in the next ten years. Our first product is a voice-powered smart journal available on Siri and launching on Bixby. We help people heal during and after the pandemic, emotionally, through voice-apps.

How we built it

We started developing siri shortcuts and posted it on routine hub and people started loving the product, we had more than 500 downloads. Later we pitched the idea to samsung leaders, they loved it and invited us to be part of bixby premium developers program, currently we built a bixby pandemic specific capsule and also working with bixby korean team to develop a custom Korean capsule

Challenges we ran into

Voice powered platform is still not very matured, its like what mobile eco-system was in 2010 , I think some of the technologies are evolving and soon the whole technology is going to explode

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Within the first few days on routine hub we already have around 500 downloads

What we learned

Talk to various teams about our ideas, and also see everyone get excited about our product has been very soul-filling experience, also listening to various critiques and also navigating the startup/investment landscape has been very challenging and very rewarding

What's next for UVITA

We want to be the next audible for mental fitness.

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golang, ios, javascript

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