When a crisis situation hits organizations are in desperate need of medical volunteer resources. Today they lack the database to find people with suitable competences and call them to action.

Today’s situation is that volunteers information is kept in insecure excel sheets. It’s very time consuming to reach out and check the availability of volunteers.

What it does

Volunteers can offer their skillset and availability. Crisis leaders can easily find people with the right competences.
They can send out a call to action to suitable volunteers. The volunteers can accept the call.  Crisis leaders have a clear overview of acceptance without drowning into calls and emails.

How I built it

We have built the first version using #nocode approach. We just used existing services such as Airtable, Typeform etc. Now that we know more specific needs we are moving towards a custom solution.

Challenges I ran into

First challenges were scaling the service and finding a viable business model

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

VAAB has helped Republic of Estonia Health Board, Regional Hospital, Kuressaare Hospital, Rakvere Hospital, Tartu University Clinic, Ida-Viru Central Hospital, Family Physicians Association of Estonia and numerous elderly homes across the country.

We are in co-operation with Republic of Estonia Ministry of Social Affairs, Republic of Estonia Health Board, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Accelerate Estonia, GDPR register and others.

What I learned

We learned that the main service flow matches with what is needed by healthcare organizations. In one of the biggest crisis areas in Estonia, on an island called Saaremaa, we saved the crisis leader 16 hours when they needed to find 25 medical doctors and nurses. As we have tested the service we now know what additional details we need to add just to make the job of volunteers and crisis leaders better.

What's next for VAAB - volunteer as a back up

We would like to expand our service outside of Estonia and help other countries with the same service. We would also like to scale it up by automating parts of the service. In this way Health Boards in different countries can start using it already today.

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