Society needs a better long term alternative to lock-down.

What it does

Our application precisely monitors and stores density of people in locations by respecting people privacy.  End-users, government and store managers can use this data to watch present and past evolution of people density in locations. This solution will help to manage the virus and to decrease anxiety in the society. It will help accelerate the recovery of the Swiss economy.

How I built it

Bluetooth devices, for ex. Raspberry-PI collect the amount of smartphone signals in an area , which is proportional to the amount of people. Aggregated data is sent to a server in regular intervals. On the server data is prcoessed and then presented to end-users  on an UI or via an application.

Challenges I ran into

Data privacy restrictions, bluetooth signal processing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

With a team of people who didn’t know each other at the beginning, we have responded in two days to the unmet needs. We have rapidly progressed from brainstorming/ideation through to concept design and prototype, plus feasibility evaluation.

What I learned

Bluetooth, medical aspects, mechanism of propagation of covid,  but most important an incredible positive team spirit.

What's next for vamos?

Proof of Concept Beta-testing of prototypes Strategic alliances with business partners (e.g. retail, telecom operators) Cooperation with organisations (Federal Office of Health, chamber of commerce, data protection specialists, etc.)  Manufacture and distribution Marketing and sales Launch July 2020, going international 2021, going public 2023

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bluetooth, raspberry-pi, server, smartphone-app

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