//Briefly idea is to utilize our expertise in computer vision and gamification from and to match it with covid related content. We will hack our tech to bring social inclusion and educational activities about everyday actions we can do to prevent spreading covid now and in the future.

Let's name this! All ideas welcome!

What it does after hack

People can play the game with mobile phone(or tablet or laptop?). By accomplishing certain activities (.. like wash your hands, remember to move while remote working/schooling, take stairs instead of elevator, go to hot sauna?:MVP acts defined by Friday) to camera, they can earn points/real life rewards(partners?), learn about Covid-19 and invite others to act to fight the pandemia together like in More ideas? LMK

How I built it

We have computer vision AI backend for Vilike and similar kinect release for Rehaboo. Laptop version is under development and mobile version can be hacked for this purpose.

Challenges I ran into

We need help in Frontend(Flask or Django) and also in defining the activities in terms of Covid content to match with concept and technology

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have 3 prototypes on early childhood app of Vilike. Now finally Computer Vision AI backend that needs frontend to be softlaunched. With Rehaboo we have launched a game that can be played online in May! I'm so happy that we can apply this to crucial content aswell to help people learn by playing and make people act on his pandemia.

What I learned

Looong list

What's next

Let's do this and hack for the free world!  Join the crew!


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